Crossroads works with both large customers and individual clients ranging from university research labs to those with more applied engineering needs.  Our proven track record of technical innovation and solutions development spans diverse market sectors, including:  


Crossroads has developed custom software for production monitoring and data analysis for disposable thermocouple manufacturing, remote data logging and mobile communications for oil and gas well monitoring, power optimization of engines, video-based inspection of production processes, and process automation for nanotechnology manufacturing. Under a Phase I SBIR grant from the National Institutes of Health, Crossroads developed a biofidelic slip testing device for measuring shoe-floor coefficient of friction and informing ergonomic strategies to prevent workplace injuries due to slips and falls.




In support of biomedical/medical research, device prototyping, and clinical applications, Crossroads has developed software, graphical user interfaces, and algorithms for systems used to assess cardiovascular health, evaluate and diagnose pulmonary health, deliver chiropractic diagnosis and treatment, and provide vestibular clinical diagnoses. Many of these efforts involved advanced techniques for data acquisition, signal processing, and process control using EEG, eye motion tracking, human motion capture, or other physiological signals.



Sports and Entertainmentgolfmocap_screenshot

Crossroads established a private motion capture laboratory to support regional animation, performance evaluation, and entertainment projects. This was used to develop a motion capture-based system for golf swing analysis, enhance rider performance through optimized bike-rider fit, and track human actors in support of the development of a college lacrosse video game.


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